Roy Lichtenstein: Water Lilies

Roy Lichtenstein: Water Lilies

Jacobson Howard Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of its spring exhibition, “Roy Lichtenstein: Water Lilies”. These innovative works were made in a small edition on stainless steel as a collaboration between the artist and Donald Saff of Saff Tech Arts. The series is presented here in its entirety.

Lichtenstein’s Water Lilies reflect not only inventive artistry, but a culminating point in the artist’s development. Inspired by Monet’s “Nympheas,” Lichtenstein both absorbs and appropriates his predecessor’s work. Monet’s series was groundbreaking in its emphasis on pure abstraction and it’s rejection of illusionary perspective. Lichtenstein moves beyond Monet’s lessons not in irony but in earnest; thoughtfully using reflective forms, pop imagery, and careful composition to further a dialogue about abstraction and pictorial space.

For example, in Water Lilies with Cloud, traditional ideas of perspective and compositional order are questioned as reflection, foreground, and background are made interchangeable. Visually satisfying and optically exciting, these pieces employ color, light, pattern, and reflection to make complex and changing spaces.

The proceeds from this exhibition will benefit the Nature/Nurture Foundation, a non-profit foundation which supports the environment through the understanding that environmental protection must move forward in tandem with economic development.

An illustrated brochure with an essay by Robert Mattison is available.

Please contact the gallery for images and additional information: Jacobson Howard Gallery, 22 East 72nd Street, New York, NY, 10021. T: 212-570-2362