Frank Stella: K Series

Frank Stella: K. 32, 2006

Frank Stella: K Series

A Selection from the Scarlatti Sonatas

April 17 – May 17th 2008

Reception for the Artist, April 17th, 6-8pm

Jacobson Howard is proud to announce the exhibition "Last Turn - Your Turn: Robert Rauschenberg and the Environmental Crisis".

As "artist-activist" Robert Rauschenberg has long been a master at employing art to raise awareness. This exhibition chronicles his prophetic rendering of current issues ; global warming and the intersection of industrial development and planetary health.

Jacobson Howard Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of recent work by
Frank Stella. Stella's new work titled K Series are elegant wall mounted stainless steel spirals with fiberglass sculptural elements based on Domenico Scarlatti’s
sonatas,. The titles come from Scarlatti's five hundred and fifty-five keyboard sonatas.

The sonatas are single movements, mostly in binary form, and are almost all intended for the harpsichord. Only a small fraction of Scarlatti's compositions were published during his lifetime. Renowned harpsichordist and Scarlatti scholar, Ralph Kirkpatrick, became associated with the sonatas and the numbering from his edition nearly always used the “K” number.

As in all of Stella’s work, the sonatas provide only a structure from which an independent series is formed. Nonetheless the forms are a response to the music they are inspired by, looping and spiraling in space. So too, the intricate shadows the works cast resonate like fading notes. .

The subtle shift in the composition of Stella’s work, like the sonatas, is simple and graceful.

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