Loretta Howard Gallery is pleased to represent the estate of Shirley Goldfarb.
Shirley Goldfarb (1925 - 1980) moved from her native Pennsylvania to New York City in 1949 where she studied at the Art Students League. She befriended other artists and poets and adopted the bohemian lifestyle of downtown Manhattan. In 1954 she moved to Paris with her husband Gregory Masurovsky where she fell in love with the city and would ultimately spend the next 26 years. It was here that she came into her own as an artist, diffusing the painterly action of Abstract Expressionism with a sense of light and color owed to her adoptive city. Thriving in a social milieu that encouraged eccentricity and flair, she created a new artistic persona and became a fixture of Paris’ community of artists, writers, filmmakers, and intellectuals. She formed friendships with Americans Joan Mitchell and Sam Francis, with David Hockney and with surrealist artists Alberto Giacometti, Man Ray and Max Ernst. Engaged constantly in conversation with her peers she was an active participant in a number of experimental happenings and films. Embracing the connection between art and life; her paintings run parallel to her longstanding practice of journaling and recording video, documenting life in the café at home and in the studio.