November 2-December 21, 2017
Expanding Space: Ronald Bladen, Al Held, Yvonne Rainer and George Sugarman
From left to right: Ronald Bladen, Sentinels (Model); Al Held, Thalocropolis; Yvonne Rainer, Trio A; George Sugarman, Orange, Blue and Black

Sugarman, Rainer, and Bladen

Orange, Blue and Black- George Sugarman

V-Ronald Bladen

Yellow and Blue Spiral- George Sugarman

Thalocropolis- Al Held

Loretta Howard Gallery is pleased to present Expanding Space: Ronald Bladen, Al Held, Yvonne Rainer and George Sugarman, November 2nd through December 21st, 2017. This exhibition examines four closely-knit friends and artists who shared a complex personal, intellectual, and artistic history. Convening in New York in the late 1950s, their passionate debates and give- and-take of ideas lent intensity and rigor to their creative endeavors. Carving out new artistic ground, they adopted a mode of minimal art making that was reductive, powerful, and playful.

In 1965, Irving Sandler grouped these visual artists together in his exhibition Concrete Expressionism because they were close in “attitude” to each other. This attitude extended to Rainer’s choreography, which rejected the emotion of Martha Graham’s dance just as the visual artists were disenchanted with the drama of Abstract Expressionism. As Robert Mattison states in his essay, “all four opted instead for clear compositions that occupy their own space.”

A fully illustrated catalogue with essay by Robert S. Mattison will be available.

For additional information, please contact Christiana Ine-Kimba Boyle at 212.695.0164 or

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Nicolas Carone at The New York Studio School
"The Thing Unseen: A Centennial Celebration of Nicolas Carone" curated by Ro Lohin will be on view, September 5th-October 15th, 2017, in conjunction with our exhibition, Nicolas Carone: Imaginary Portraits, September 7th-October 28th, 2017.

Richard Anuszkiewicz at Nassau County Museum of Art
Nassau County Museum of Art
Richard Anuszkiewicz's "Magenta Fire" will be featured in Nassau County Museum of Art's Fool the Eye exhibition, curated by Franklin Perrell, November 18th, 2017 through March 4th, 2018.

Ronald Bladen at Longhouse
Ronald Bladen's “Host of the Eclipse (Mid-Scale)" installed at Longhouse Reserve Gardens, East Hampton, New York.

Friedel Dzubas at Drake Anderson Interiors
Friedel Dzubas "Over the Hill" featured in the Associated Press, courtesy of Drake Anderson Interiors New York.

Cleve Gray at 717 Fifth Ave
717 fifth
Works from Cleve Gray's calligraphy series, (Clash #12, Considering All Possible Worlds #9, Untitled (1990), and Untitled (1991)) installed at 717 Fifth Avenue.

David Row at Five Bryant Park
Five Bryant Park
Works from David Row's shaped paintings installed at Five Bryant Park (1065 Sixth Avenue).

Joel Perlman in Bridgehampton
Joel Perlman's "Sebonic Circlesteel " recently commissioned in Bridgehampton, New York.

Larry Poons at Dennis Miller Showroom
Dennis Miller
Larry Poons' "Kinderszenen" installed in Dennis Miller's New York Showroom.

George Sugarman at 1440 Broadway
1440 Broadway
George Sugarman's "Threesome" installed at 1440 Broadway.

Edward Dugmore at Greenstein Lab
Greenstein Lab
Edward Dugmore's "Aspen Quartet", "1961-R", and "1961- F" installed at The Greenstein Lab in Seattle, Washington.

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Ronald Bladen's "Host of the Eclipse (Mid-Scale)" is on view in the Longhouse Reserve gardens, located in East Hampton, New York. For more info, visit the Longhouse Reserve website here.
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